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Latest News
Now Treatment under Alternative System of Medicine is Also being Covered by Health Insurance Companies
Date : 26/07/2011
Discription :
Till some time back health insurance policies used to cover expanses incurred during treatment under modern system of medicine. Despite having a comprehensive insurance cover, the insured has to pay for the expanses out of his pocket incase he preferred treatment under alternative system of medicine.
Initially some health insurance providers started to cover expanses incurred on treatment under alternative system of medicine only under group insurance policies. Now individual policy holders can also avail this facility in case they bought customized products being sold by some of the companies.
Companies which have started to provide this facility are as below but many more may join the race in future.
1.Chola Mandlam M S General Insurance Company
2. New India Assurance Company
3. Star Health and Allied Insurance
4.I C C I Lombard General Insurance
5. Future Generali Insurance
There are no common guide lines and each company offers the services under its own terms and conditions. However it is suggested that before opting for a product one should take note of the following:
a. To buy a standard health cover is a must for availing services under alternative system of medicine, till date.
b. Naturopathy treatment is not being covered till date.
c. Presently ,except New India Insurance Company which covers the expenditure incurred under Aryuveda and/or Unani treatment, all other companies are reimbursing the expenditure incurred during Aryuvedic treatment only.
d. Expenditure is being reimbursed in case one is availing treatment in a government hospital only.
e. Hospitalization for a minimum period of 24 hrs is must for availing this facility.
f. Treatment of specific diseases only under specified conditions.
g. 25% of the insured amount and/or to a maximum limit of Rs. 25000/-
Though it is a welcome step but one has to be very cautious before opting for a product which provides reimbursement of expenditure incurred on treatment under Alternative System of Medicine. One should never go by the words of an agent and verify himself about the terms and conditions. In the last but not the least important is that one should see that the services bought are properly documented on the policy.